15 breathtaking photos of Northern Mexico that will inspire you to plan a trip right now

09:09 16/07/2022

Here are 15 photos of northern Mexico that will make you want to plan a trip right now.

Aside from a few popular tourist resorts, the nine northern states of Mexico are often overlooked by tourists. However, some of the country’s most spectacular scenery is found in the states of Baja California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, Sonora and Tamaulipas – all states which share a border with the United States. The lower states of Baja California Sur, Durango and Sinaloa also boast some of Mexico’s most stunning natural sights. With that in mind, here are 15 photos of northern Mexico that will make you want to plan a trip now.

The Naica Silver Mine in Chihuahua contains some of the world’s largest crystals. Discovered in the year 2000, the crystals are buried nearly 1,000 feet (300 meters) underground and reach a length of 50 feet (15 meters).

The Naica Silver Mine (Alexander Van Driessche / WikiCommons)

The sprawling state of Chihuahua contains some of the country’s most spectacular landscapes.

A cactus on the Chihuahua landscape (Alejandro Hernández Osuna / Flickr)

The Rarámuri (also known as the Tarahumara) are an indigenous tribe who live in the state of Chihuahua. They are most famously known for their long-distance running ability, and Rarámuri is believed to translate to “runners on foot”.

The Rarámuri tribe live in the northern state of Chihuahua (aalva650 / Pixabay)

The Copper Canyon is a group of six spectacular canyons in southwestern Chihuahua.

Enjoy stunning views of the Copper Canyon (marc.cappelletti / Flickr)

The Samalayuca Dune Fields are a series of large sand dunes located in northern Chihuahua.

The Samaulayuca Dunes (Felix Garcia / Flickr)

Land’s End is located in the coastal city of Cabo San Lucas, which is the southernmost point of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas (Kirt Edblom / Flickr)

On Cabo San Lucas’ Pacific side, Playa Solmar is known for its majestic golden stretch of sand.

Solmar Beach

The elegant town of Todos Santos in Mexico’s Baja California has recently developed a reputation as a major artistic hub, with new galleries opening every year.

In recent years, Ensenada has emerged as a major surf destination, attracting pros and beginners alike.

Surfing in Enseneda (David Stone/Flickr)

Situated between Baja California Peninsula on one side and the Mexican mainland on the other, the resort destination of Puerto Peñasco is blessed with stunning beaches overlooking the calming Sea of Cortez.

The sun rises over Puerto Peñasco (Stacy Egan / Flickr)

With a total area of 464 square miles (1,200 square kilometers), Isla Tiburón is the largest Mexican island and the ancestral homeland of the indigenous Seri tribe.

The coastal city of Mazatlán in Sinaloa offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

Mazatlán ocean view (Hugo Alberto Hernández / Flickr)

Monterrey is an important industrial hub and a vibrant Mexican city.

Monterrey, Nuevo León (mikefoster / Pixabay)

Huasteca Canyon is a renowned climbing area about a 25 minute drive from downtown Monterrey.

Huasteca Canyon (Pato Lozano / Flickr)

Tigres UANL from Monterrey and Club Tijuana are two of the four northern teams in Mexico’s premier soccer division.

Tigres UANL versus Club Tijuana (Hefebreo / Flickr)

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