A stray puppy getting its head stuck in truck wheel: Good news came to pup after being rescued

09:56 28/07/2022

Firefighters at Harden County Fire and EMA Department in Tennesse, US, responded to a rather strange call to help rescue a stray puppy who had trapped its head in a truck wheel on Monday.

A team of firefighters have been praised for their hard work after rescuing a puppy whose head was trapped in a truck wheel.

Staff admit it’s one of the strangest requests they’ve ever received, but did their upmost to save the day.

Harden County Fire and EMA Department posted pictures of the stray pup on their Facebook page.

The caption read: “Well we had a first this morning. Puppy is fine after removing her from the wheel. This definitely gets filed in the ‘puppies do the darnest things’ category.”

The incident occurred in Savannah, Tennessee, US, after a homeowner spotted the stray pup stuck on their driveway and immediately contacted animal control and the fire department.

Rescuers tried to use soap to get the pup out (Image: Facebook)

Deputy fire director LaRae Sliger told Fox News the puppy was whining and whimpering whilst lodged in a Ford truck wheel.

Responders attempted to remove the pup’s head from the tyre by applying soap to make it slippery, but unfortunately this failed.

With permission from the homeowner, they cut a hole in the metal wheel and safety pulled the pup out.

The homeowner has since made the decision to foster the stray Labrador and three other puppies.

Meanwhile, a local animal rescue centre is trying to find them forever homes.

The homeowner has since fostered the stray puppy and its friends (Image: Facebook)

Recently, an adorable puppy was reunited with her owners for cuddles after falling down a deep and dark well at night.

The white and black pup named Frank went missing and was nowhere to be found – then a local resident heard a crying dog in Heath Common, Wakefield, and called emergency services for aid.

The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue crew found Frank trapped at the bottom of a 10ft well.

She was pulled to safety by a firefighter who was lowered down on a rope, and thankfully survived unharmed – though a little shaken up.

A Facebook post shared by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue read: “This little puppy had a ruff night. Frank had gone missing during the night on Sunday and unfortunately, fell down a well!

“Luckily for Frank, her owners contacted the Fire Service and the crews were able to save the day #shoutout to our Cleckheaton Blue & White Watch Crew!”

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