Devastated dog struggles to hold back tears after owner leaves him at the dump

12:20 30/07/2022

Four-year-old Chuckie was surrendered to a dump in De Doorns, in South Africa, after losing his sight – and is now searching for a new home with owners who can spoil him.

He spent his days aimlessly wandering around a dump after his owner gave him up – and he is now desperately searching for a new home.

Little Chuckie was surrendered to a dump in De Doorns, in the Western Cape province of South Africa, after losing his eyesight.

Chuckie is searching for a new home (Image: Sidewalk Specials)

It is not known how long he spent at the dump before being rescued by Sidewalk Specials, an animal charity dedicated to saving dogs from abusive situations.

A Sidewalk Specials spokesperson said: “We met Chuckie on Outreach in De Doorns. His owner explained that Chuckie had lost his eyesight the year before and that it was becoming a struggle to keep him safe.

“The vet confirmed that Chuckie is completely blind in his left eye and partially sighted in his right, this potentially may improve over time as his tick bite fever clears up.”

When the team came across Chuckie, who is thought to be about four-years-old, he was struggling to hold back his tears while being held in one of their volunteer’s arms.

He is completely blind (Image: Sidewalk Specials)

However, they were pleased to learn he has been successfully navigating the world through his sense of smell and hearing now he no longer has his sight, especially since he was dropped into an unfamiliar environment.

“He enjoys his walks. He follows your sound exceptionally well and enjoys adventures,” the spokesperson added. “He loves other dogs, isn’t spooked by children and ignores cats.”

Founded by Rachael Sylvester in 2016, Sidewalk Specials has been striving to provide “mass sterilisation and veterinary services to underprivileged communities within South Africa”.

Originally from Britain, Rachael has built up a “community of highly-skilled volunteers, vets, welfare specialists, lawyers, engineers, photographers, videographers, editors and caterers who donate their time for free” to help her achieve her goal.

But Chuckie isn’t the only dog to have been saved by Sidewalk Specials, as Scribble was taken into their care after he started following strangers home.

If you’re interested in rehoming Chuckie – or any other dogs at Sidewalk Specials in South Africa – visit their website.

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