Dog Using Wheelchair with Special Needs Still Looking for Home

11:17 01/08/2022

Dog with Special Needs Still Looking for Home After a Year in Shelter with No Applications.

Bebe is a German shepherd/husky mix at The Animal Pad in San Diego who had her back legs amputated after spending months packed in a cage.

Bebe is a patient pup. The two-year-old dog arrived at The Animal Pad, an animal shelter in San Diego, California, over a year ago and has yet to receive an adoption application.

Before moving into TAP, Bebe was left at a vet’s office when she was only three months old, according to a release from Walkin’ Pets. After her abandonment, Bebe spent three months crammed in a crate, which considerably deteriorated the muscle mass in her back legs.

Credit: photo courtesy of the animal pad and @peanutandbeanphoto

TAP heard about the suffering dog and saved Bebe, giving her love, proper medical care, and shelter. At TAP, Bebe received a medical exam that revealed her back legs needed to be amputated to enhance her quality of life.

After healing from the operation, Bebe received a wheelchair from Walkin’s Pets — a company that makes animal mobility devices. According to Walkin’ Pets, “resilient” Bebe quickly adapted to losing her back legs and using a wheelchair to run.

“She can race you in those wheels. A 3-miler is nothing for this girl! When she sees her ‘chariot’ being brought out, she knows it’s time for some fun,” TAP said in a statement about Bebe.

Unfortunately, even with Bebe’s positive attitude and love for adventure, the dog has not yet found a forever family; she hasn’t even received an adoption application in over a year.

TAP is confident that the ideal family for Bebe is out there. The dog is looking for a kind pet parent who can provide her with the care and attention she needs. Moreover, Bebe’s future owner should be willing to continue the dog’s therapy and clean up accidents caused by Bebe’s incontinence.

Bebe is looking for a foster home in the San Diego area or a forever home anywhere that is a good fit for her. To apply to adopt Bebe, visit TAP’s website.

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